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Core Value

Core Value – Know Your School

Core Value – Know Your School

We realize, today, more than ever that we are an interdependent world. We expect our students to appreciate the diversity and understand the value of unity. Our students should understand their rights and responsibilities. Thus, empowered with knowledge and skills, our students shall learn to contribute towards a ‘PEACEFUL WORLD’.

Protect Planet Earth – Our students shall endeavor to maintain and improve the quality of life without damaging the planet for future generations.

Preferred Future – By empowering our students with knowledge and skills through engaged learning, we ensure a seamless transition to Tertiary Education of their choice and make them custodians of their own physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Excellence All Around – It begins with the belief that each child is uniquely gifted, mutually dependent and a life -long learner. The objective is to develop integrity of character, an attitude of service, and compassion with a spirit to attain excellence and perfection.


Our curriculum envisages Integrated learning experiences for children. With technology walking into the classrooms, learning has become a joyous experience for auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners. For this, we adopt the various approaches and methodologies to teach different subject matter at different learning levels:

• Integrated / Holistic Methods

• Project / Play way Methods

• Story Method / Dramatization

• First Hand Experiences / Sensory Experiences

• Activity Oriented Method • Problem Solving / Decision Making

• Educational Visits / Field Trips


This wing builds on the spirit of exploration. Emphasis is laid on acquiring sound language skills, clarity of mathematical concepts, building self-esteem, expose them to different aspects of learning and enhance communication skills. The emphasis is on laying the foundation of the basic personality traits and moral values. The students acquire all the building blocks of scholarship, along with good study habits and a love for learning.


Being the bridge between Primary and Senior, it has added responsibility of shaping up the young adults likes / dislikes and personality. This phase provides the emotional, physical and social well-being of young minds who in turn will be self-aware, creative, empathetic listeners and effective communicators.

Classroom teaching is supplemented with theatre activities, hands on projects and technology. The smart classes add an exciting ICT-integrated education and open up immense possibilities for the creative teacher as well as the learner.

Secondary & Senior Secondary

We follow the CBSE curriculum in the framework laid down by the NCERT. At this stage, students not only need to focus on their final board exams but also need to prepare for their various other competitive exams. Keeping all these special needs in mind, school has a special provision for providing coaching to students in different domains.

Carefully designed assignments are given to students on a regular basis to reinforce the concepts and assess their understanding. Our pedagogy is an amalgamation of teachers’ mentoring, videos, projects, laboratory activities and modules which cater to every student’s learning style.

In senior secondary segment, the students can pursue Medical, Science, Commerce or Humanities Stream, with a variety of optional subjects. The provision of Additional Subject as the 6th subject gives the students edge over others.

These strategies make students and teachers computer literate and empower them with comprehensive training, clearly defined learning objectives, detailed lesson plans, exciting and relevant projects. School updates its curriculum annually to keep pace with the advance in technology and modification in CBSE syllabus.

Inclusive Learning

We strongly believe that inclusion transcends not just academic participation, it is the ability to empower a child connect with the environment and peers, socially and emotionally.

With such profound vision we ensure that each of our students evolve into confident and happy individual. Apart from having subject knowledge, school strives for various sensitization programs / trainings for teachers.

Facilities: The campus is pollution free, providing uninterrupted power supply, RO Filtered water supply, 24/7 under CCTV surveillance, airy and open classrooms etc., that our parent community if proud of.

Co-Curricular Activities

It is as important to be competitive and creative in the class room as outside it. Numerous opportunities are provided to students during their study at School to develop and nurture talent be it in sports, music, art, painting, trekking, role play, theatre, scramble, sudoku, block building, dance, mime, recitation, speech, declamation, drama, debates, health and creative arts, converse, competitions, confluence, life skills etc.

We encourage our students to follow their passions and to be bold and confident to go after what they wish to achieve.


We firmly believe that a healthy body is the key to a healthy mind. Continuing to persevere with this belief – Sports is given utmost importance at HCPS.

The Annual Sports Meet is a grand Inter-House event which provides an opportunity to all students to showcase their talent, sporting abilities physical fitness while emphasizing the mantras of team spirit, communication, discipline and leadership, all.


The school has a wide range of clubs and it is mandatory for each student to take up one club activity during the course of academic session. The Clubs running in the school are English, Maths, Science, Robotics, MUN, Health & Wellness and Sustainability.

Class Activities

Interesting activities like Wall Magazine, Best out of Waste, Collage on Healthy Food, Story Enactment, English Recitation, Elocution etc. are done.

Special Assemblies

Theme based assemblies are conducted in school, to enable the development of deepest values and aspirations of the human spirit.

Important Days

To update our students with the important events and in order to inculcate the diversity of our nation, school celebrates all the important days and events in the school. They are as follows: Labour Day, Environment Day, Earth Day, Army Day, Hindi Diwas, World Heritage Day, World Safety Day, Human Rights Day, Anti-Terrorism Day, World Book Day, World Food Day, World Habitat Day, World Population Day, National Youth Day etc.

Important Festivals / Events

School celebrates all the festivals – Baisakhi, Janamashtami, Gandhi Jayanti, Dussehra, Diwali, Gurupurab, Christmas, Lohri etc., and various events like Graduation Ceremony, Annual Sports Day, Annual Class Presentations, Talent Hunt, Inter-School and Inter-House competitions.

The importance and advantages of Inter-House Competitions is immense:

• Develops school culture and values among the students

• Recognizes participation and achievement in extra-curricular activities

• Provides a valued cultural and sporting programme in school

• Encourages a healthy competitive environment

• Encourages multi-level participation

• Develops leadership and pastoral at both junior and senior levels

• Enhances confidence among the students

Value Education

Education is flexible, transformative and moves beyond the confines of academics and extracurricular activities. 

We aim to help a student develop holistically, emotionally and spiritually. The concept of ‘Value Education’ has been incorporated in the curriculum to instill the time-tested values in children to ensure that they learn to be honest, compassionate, truthful, sincere and a well-balanced individual.