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Holy Child Public School, Rewari

Directors Message

CBSE School in Rewari

Directors Message

We at HCPS are committed to preparing a bright tomorrow by nurturing our students sincerely and enthusiastically. For the past 44 years, our staff has shown their devotion to creating a supportive environment to allow the holistic growth of our students. HCPS began as a pioneer of educational standards more than four decades ago. To this day, we continue to set quality benchmarks and make opportunities available for our children.

Education, both in concept and delivery, has seen a massive yet recent evolution. HCPS strives to remain cognizant of these changes and has consistently and successfully implemented changes to equip our leaders of tomorrow. Widening our gaze upon developing vital non-cognitive skills and character development while still producing excellent academic results has become a pillar of our institution’s mission. Our vision is to prepare our students to face and resolve the global challenges arising in our society and lead impactful and meaningful lives.

Such goals can only be achieved by a triangular effort amongst the teachers, parents, and school administration. We are grateful for the support we have received over the years from parents and hope that it continues to aid our efforts to improve education for our students. Parents are a child’s first teachers and have an equally significant impact, if not more, on teaching the values of responsibility and sincerity in our students.

We are confident that parents will continue to partner with us in helping their children write their unique future and endeavor to set an example for future HCPians and generations to come.

Anirudh Sachdeva